The DCPAY token is a multifunctional (utility, governance) and multichain crypto token minted via smart contract by and for DC PAY. The DCPAY token is a fungible digital asset of fixed quantity issued on different blockchain networks. The DCPAY token is primarily deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and will be bridged on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon Blockchain.
The total number of DCPAY tokens minted at TGE is 1,000,000,000. We have incorporated a vesting schedule into our tokenomics. To view our tokenomics, please click here
The DCPAY tokens will be divided into two batches. The first Batch of 500m will be used for token sales, marketing, team, liquidity, developments, partnerships e.t.c. While the remaining 500m will be kept in reserves.
Token Details
Token Utility
Find below the utility features of the DC PAY Token;
Trading Currency
The DC PAY token will be the major trading currency used on DC PAY.
DC PAY Token will be used for staking, liquidity mining, and other Defi services. The DC PAY tokenomics was created to give room for the DC PAY token to be used also as staking rewards for users who either stake DC PAY Token or other tokens, participate in the DC PAY liquidity mining program and participate in other Defi services that may occur.
Access to Loans
As a user of the DC PAY app holding DC PAY gives you access to request for loans on DC PAY
Payment of Debt
Users who have the DC PAY token can use it to pay for every loan accessed on the app. The DC PAY token will be the only currency used to pay back loans on the DC PAY app.
Ecosystem Governance
Users and investors who hold the DC PAY Token will be able to participate in the governance of the DC PAY ecosystem. Holders will be able to vote on features, updates, and several other key decisions that will determine the future of the DC PAY ecosystem.